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What other Mamas are saying about The Bent Elbow lactation cookies...

Kellee Seal
Newport Beach, CA


"The Bent Elbow cookies were a lifesaver for me during the months after my daughter Madelyn was born. At a time when you are most exhausted, being able to snack on something healthy for you and your baby, while help keeping the milk flowing was genius. These cookies definitely kept my sweet girl happy and made my life easier. Thank you!!!"

Ashley Poe

College Station, TX


"I love everything about these cookies! Not only do they taste delicious, I could definitely notice a change in my milk supply after only a few days of consuming them! I'm all for breastfeeding and love that these keep my milk supply in check! Thanks for making such a great product for us breastfeeding Mermaid Mamas!"

Heather Dayyat

Huntington Beach, CA 


"As a nursing Mama I sometimes struggle with supply. Store bought cookies can be stale and leave much to be desired. I tried these cookies and they are delicious, a nice change from limited choices you get in the store, my favorite part are the chocolate chunks and the cranberries. They gave me the boost I needed to continue to provie my girl my milk without supplementing. Thank you Bent Elbow for making a yummy cookie!"

Ashley Morales
Costa Mesa, CA


"I really enjoy the taste and benefits of these cookies! I am back at work and pumping and by the end of the work week I see a drop in my supply and struggle to keep up. After eating The Bent Elbow cookies, I noticed I didnt have such a big decline in my production over the weekend!"

Charity Sheridan
Redlands, CA

"I went back to work when my baby boy was 7 weeks.  The first week was so tough to keep up with my baby.  I was ready to start supplementing until another mother told me about your cookies and I am doing so good my baby has so much extra milk at daycare. After one day of eating your cookies I noticed a huge difference. I am very pleased with the cookies.  I even like to think that my milk is a litte sweeter and my baby boy gets to taste the sweetness."

Tony Gleason
Elkhorn, WI

"I just want to say thank you Mer-Mamas for coming up with the lactation cookies! I have 2 very beautiful children, my son (Syd) who is 4 and daughter (Arya) 5 months. Maybe it was just because it was my first, but I stopped producing with Syd by 6 weeks and was done. With Arya I was determined to last longer. When my supply started to get low I ordered my first batch of mix and after 2 days I was addicted! At 3 months, I ended up having over 400 oz. stored from over supply. It's such a wonderful experience and I strongly encourage all Mamas to give it their all. No matter how little or long, breastfeeding will be great for your little ones and a great bonding experience!"

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